Starting with Indonesia’s national anthem, the I’m MAD World Tour ran successfully at the Empire Palace, Surabaya on 28 July 2011 and was graced by The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah, AVP Hendra Nilam, VP Sathi Senathirajah, VC Gita Hartanto and Rosli Ismail.

Around 2,000 IRs attended the event with VC Gita giving a speech on the importance of sincerity while helping others to succeed and AVP Hendra introducing QNet to his children. AVP Hendra showed faith in sharing his belief to go with QNet forever, because QNet was designed for those who want change. He later went back onstage with VP Adly Hassan Hamed, ‘a friend visiting from Africa’, who mentioned that “Compared to Africa, with its severe drought in some countries, Indonesia is a paradise. I don’t see why you cannot succeed like your fellow IRs in other countries.”

The peak of the event was when MD Pathman reminded the audience not to waste time in life, and the importance of how to take the first step to achieving financial success. “Don’t just get excited when attending an event like this, because when you all arrive home, you then go to sleep again. The way of life must be different, and we must be consistent,” he said.

VP Sathi and VC Rosli also shared their inspirational speeches on how Indonesian people actually have so many supporting factors for success. They point out the importance of taking the first step in making a change is so that the world and, especially, Indonesia becomes a better place for all of us.