“I joined QNet two years ago. Before joining, I was a top-up cashier at a mobile service provider. The salary rates in Kyrgyzstan are quite low. I could not even buy clothes with that salary.

“One day I met a guy from Tajikistan and asked him what he was doing. He said that he was working for QNet. I asked him about this type of business as I had no idea about network marketing or even e-commerce. After I learned about this business, I really liked it. The plan is practical and the business is realistic.

“I am always a dreamer. I have many dreams, but I had no money to make them come true. My parents weren’t rich too. That’s why I had to study and work for myself. I like traveling. I always dream of visiting many countries. With low financial status, I hadn’t been anywhere outside of Kyrgyzstan.

“So far my life has changed a lot with QNet. I used to be very quiet and keep to myself when guests were visiting our house. But now I can easily talk and communicate with people. I really like this business. I found what I needed. I found my path in life. Now I have money and have nearly achieved my goals. My parents are also about to achieve theirs. Apart from financial stability, this business allows me to have more friends and make travels. I have already visited many countries to attend NSS, V-Con as well as lots of training. I am a completely different person now, in both personality and profession. When I meet friends who saw me two years ago, they definitely notice these positive changes.

“QNet is my dream business. I’ll never give up this business because not many girls could achieve much in their lives like me. I would like to help make their dreams come true.

“I love the Amezcua Bio Disc. It’s a very good product. My mom had a problem with blood pressure and had to take medication every year. But now she’s much healthier.”

– Sanoat Musoeva

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