Everybody’s favourite magazine, aspIRe,  is soon coming out with its long-awaited 11th issue. Be prepared to relive the exciting, fully charged, and highly motivating and inspiring moments of V-Malaysia 2011 – all laid-out in a special 10-page feature.  For those who missed it, we have prepared incredible montages of the event that will make you feel like you were just right there!

With V-Malaysia having come and gone, not only have we taken home the know-how needed for success, learned from our mentors, met our fellow entrepreneurs, and witnessed the launch of many amazing products and promotions, but we also all came back MAD. This issue of aspIRe compiles how our QNet family from all over the world have been going MAD (Making A Difference), how we have been giving back to the world, to our society, and to those in need.

That’s not all! Our mentor, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran has written a special article just for aspIRe! Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings in social media with his article, The Social Media Revolution: A Growing Solution for Companies in Asia.

Want more? Check out some of our articles:

–    Born to Lead: QNet Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson Proves Women Can Do It Too
–    Hero to the Destitute: V-RYTHM Award 2011 Recipient Feeds the Homeless Who Live on the Streets of Madurai District
–    Muttiah ‘Murali’ Muralidaran: An Inspiring Legend
–    Living It Up, Down In Orlando, Florida!: Everybody’s Dream Vacation

Excited to get a hold of this upcoming issue? Well, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised with a never-been-given-before present just for you! Want to know what it is? Stay tuned! But in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at the Contents page of the magazine!