Eight years ago, Deni Hartoyo was one of Indonesia’s many struggling, unemployed youths, living day-to-day without any sight for a better future. But today, he is a 30-year-old network marketing superstar from the Amoeba Team who leads an organisation of over 75,000 people in Southeast Asia and Oceania!

Although Deni does not read or speak English, his ultimate will and enthusiasm for the QNet business can break through any language barrier. Thanks to the Indonesian team for having always helped him with translations – even when he was presenting on stage. His success story has inspired people around the world. 

“I grew up in Trenggalek, the smallest city in the East Java province of Indonesia. Due to the economic crisis in the late 90s, my parents could not afford for me to continue my studies in college. Owning a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car seemed to be out of reach. But today, I have everything beyond my expectation. QNet is a road, a bridge and a vehicle to achieve my dreams.

“I was introduced to QNet by my older brother Gita Hartanto in July 2003. At that time, I did not believe in the opportunity and had a lot of negative perceptions about it. So I just ignored it. However, as time went by, I slowly began to understand the business and its system by watching my brother build his team. My growing belief that this business could provide me long-term remarkable results finally influenced me to change my mind to take part in this journey.

“I experienced a lot of challenges in the beginning. As I had no transportation, I borrowed my neighbour’s bicycle to see my prospects and sometimes borrowed a motorbike to attend a meeting that was farther away. Most people I met were skeptical about this business. I faced rejection after rejection, insult after insult. Whenever I was down, I always thought about the happiness of my parents, wife and children and that gave me power to rise again. I continued to expand my contact list by talking to anyone I met and conducted weekly meetings and presentations. So far I have as many as 7,000 guests at my weekly presentations.”

“Regarding QNet products, I love Amezcua Chi Pendant the most. Due to my hectic lifestyle, the Chi Pendant gives me strength and power. Prior to using the product, I was able to speak for only two hours at a time, but with the Chi Pendant my power is boosted. I can now speak for up to four to five hours! QNet is unbelievable! It can change everybody’s life. QNet is my way and my future.

“I’ll help thousands – even millions – of people to succeed and experience what I’ve experienced. My biggest success isn’t my luxurious cars or my huge house, but the emotions that I feel. I’m sure that you too can succeed.”

– Deni Hartoyo


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