If you are a part-time networker who is also a full-time employee, you’re probably imagining the day when you can ‘fire your boss’ and continue as a full-time networker. But when is the right time? The day when your QNet paycheck exceeds your monthly salary? But isn’t having two streams of income better than one? Isn’t it tricky that while 70% of people want to be their own boss, 80% of those in network marketing do it only part-time – meaning, they don’t quit their jobs. There’s definitely some thinking to do!

In the latest issue of the Networking Times magazine, QNet’s Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson, shared her insights about going into network marketing full-time. And no, you shouldn’t resign right away! There’s more to consider than that. As Ms Donna says, “It’s saddening to watch people quit the business because they quit their jobs too early. Just because your income last week matched your salary doesn’t mean it’s time to send that letter. Counsel with your Upline, and resist the temptation to cut the queue. When you finally take the leap, leave the employee hat on the desk, and work as an entrepreneur. Done right and at the right time, going full-time in NM will be liberating and rewarding. And that’s definitely something to be thankful for!”

If you are one of those millions waiting for the right time to go full-time, read Ms Donna’s article which she generously shares on her blog.

Aside from this Networking Times’ topic on multiple streams of income, this issue also contains valuable insight from Network Marketing stars, including QI Group Managing Director Mr Joseph Bismark, in an exciting conversation on the power of detachment!