Renowned for their beauty, healing properties, and ability to store information, the versatility of crystals are widespread and well-known. Now QNet has a great offer for you to experience nature’s miracles – the Himalayan Crystal Prayer Beads are now available in the eStore and are on PROMO!

The Himalayan Crystal Prayer Beads, tailor-made from Himalayan Crystals, come in two styles – 27 beads for Hindu and Buddhist followers and 33 beads for Muslim followers. With their prayer form, they will bring you inner silence and introspection by taking your mind back to your thoughts and intentions. The prayer chain can also reach far beyond itself, helping you to bond your mind with a higher power.

Crystals can be considered as one of Mother Nature’s many amazing miracles, as researchers believe that crystals can assist in conducting and transferring energy to its wearer user and also contribute to an increase and balance in energy levels.

From the sacred peaks of the world’s highest mountains, the Himalayan Crystal is given credit for possessing the highest and most rare form of energy-conducting abilities. Because it is buried deep within the Himalayan Ranges, the Himalayan Crystal absorbs a higher level of natural energy than any other types of crystals, making it one of the most sought after in the crystal family.

The Himalayan Crystal Prayer Beads are now offered on promo as part of the Ramadan Specials until Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 23:59 HKST only!  Be one of the first to experience Nature’s miracles. Visit your eStore now!