Did you know that QNet will be participating in the Bi-Annual Bazaar at the Abu Dhabi Men’s College early next week? If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi from 5-8 September 2011, come and meet the QNet representatives at the show. But most importantly, don’t come alone! Bring your friends, relatives, customers, or prospects, because this is your chance to show them the business you are in.

The Bi-Annual Bazaar will be a good time for you to find out the latest updates and news on QNet products and services.  It can also serve as a platform for like-minded people to network and share valuable experiences. And if you are running out of your favourite cool stuff merchandises, you can easily make a purchase there. If you have potential customers who have always wanted to see actual jewellery items before making an order, this is the best opportunity to bring them along. A selection of QNet’s exclusive luxury merchandises will be on display. There is certainly a lot more you can and will achieve by attending this bazaar with your customers and prospects.

Remember to mark your calendar and jot down these details for the Bi-Annual ADMC Bazaar:

DATE     :    5-8 September 2011
TIME      :    8:00 am – 5:00 pm
VENUE  :   Abu Dhabi Men’s College Student Services Area

We look forward to seeing you all march in there!