Do you believe that together we can build a more compassionate world? Not everyone was born having enough to put a roof over their head or food on the table. While many are sleeping peacefully at home, there are many less fortunate people out there, sleeping on the streets with no food to eat. QNet believes that every little help can make this world a better and more beautiful place.

The RYTHM Foundation is one channel through which we do that. RYTHM Foundation recently donated USD 40,000 to aid the completion of a home for the destitute of Madurai District, India. This is a genuine opportunity to render our help in a mission of homing-and-helping, initiated by Narayanan Krishnan, CNN Heroes 2010 Award Winner and the V-RYTHM Award 2011 Recipient. After its completion, the eight-block Akshaya Home will give a home to around 450 people, some of whom have never experienced a ‘HOME’ before.

“The donation will fund the USD 65,000 construction of the seventh block, which houses a kitchen, a few storerooms and a dining hall for its residents,” said RYTHM Foundation trustee, Ms Donna Imson.

Ms Donna also said the Foundation has been involved with Akshaya Trust since May 2011, when Narayanan Krishnan announced that he would use the USD 25,000 he received with the V-RYTHM Award to help build the Akshaya Home. This inspired RYTHM Foundation to commit to donating the balance of USD 40,000 towards its construction.

The RYTHM Foundation had recently launched and facilitates the ‘I’m Making A Difference’ (‘I’m MAD’) campaign through QI Group subsidiary and global direct selling leader QNet, for raising additional funds for its worldwide activities by donating a portion of all product sales to the I’m MAD cause. These include providing financial assistance and donations to numerous causes, charities and fundraising events; Akshaya Trust is the Campaign partner in India.

Narayanan’s own story began in 2002, when his experience of seeing an elderly man eating his own faeces out of hunger prompted him to use his chef’s training start feeding street people. His feeding programme has today served a total of some 1.5 million meals, three times a day. He has also been selected to be QNet’s I’m MAD campaign Ambassador in India.