Looking for a way to enhance your knowledge and enrich your career? What if we tell you that studying is now as easy as enroll, activate and access!

The Swiss eLearning Institute is a series of flexible, online learning programmes for busy people who are always on the go. It is the perfect solution for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead in their business. With the fast-paced lifestyle of most people these days, there is only little time left to fit in the things we would like to do, especially with regards to education and enhancement of personal knowledge. Traditional educational courses require a commitment in time and resources that many of us don’t have. Not only do you have to go to class at a fixed time and place, there is also the need to consider travelling times too.

With Swiss eLearning Institute, there is a way to boost your potential and take part in interesting, well-developed courses. You can enjoy studying in the comforts of your own home with a schedule that is convenient for you. It utilises the power of an online platform to immerse you in an educational environment, providing the necessary resources and tools to make your learning experience a great one. Together with leading executive coaches and personal trainers, the Swiss eLearning Institute has created a modular mentorship concept that will pave the way for sustainable pursuit of your goals. It will help participants master personal change and overcome fears, identify their untapped potentials, and improve their dedication and commitment.

The Swiss eLearning Institute has given school a brand new meaning! Fun, easy, and informative—it’s definitely a great way to achieve your goals! Visit www.swisselearninginstitute.com today!

Available Courses:
•    Presentation and Communication Skills
•    Career Design
•    Marketing 2011
•    The Art of Management—Winning Concepts and Strategies

Swiss eLearning Institute Terms & Conditions:
•    Your Enrolment Date is the date you purchased your Swiss eLearning Institute course from your QNet eStore.
•    You must activate your course within twelve (12) months of your Enrolment Date.
•    After you have activated your course, you must complete it within a twelve (12) month term.