eStore Receipts

For a person, language is not learned in one day. This is also true for a company. You may think that QNet uses primarily too much English and that there is not enough access to your own personal language…however, we are continually improving! From baby steps to confident jumps, we are speaking your language more and more! From public sites to brochures, announcements to emails, we are bringing our multilingual services to the place you like most at QNet – the QNet eStore. From now on, when you shop for QNet products, you can choose the language of your eStore receipt! Just select your language from a drop down menu in the top right corner and your receipt will be automatically translated! Print it out in your own language!

Email Communications

If you speak one of QNet’s many languages (Arabic, Azeri, Chinese (Traditional), French, Bahasa Indonesia, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish), you may have noticed an increase in receiving emails and notifications in your language. Our effort to serve you better has grown into what we call the Preferred Language project, which means, you will automatically receive your QNet-related notifications in your preferred language! Just go to the CRF section of your VO and select your preferred language NOW!

24/7 NSG Multilingual Contact Centre

We can’t tell you enough that our Network Support Group (NSG) is ready to serve you in 24 languages: Arabic, Bambara, Bashkir, Bobo, Cantonese, Cheshen, English, French, Gurunci, Hausa, Hindi, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Malayalam, Mandarin, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Tamil, Tater, Telugu, Turkish, and Uzbek with Bahasa Indonesia to be added soon! The NSG is available to assist you with requests and enquiries 24/7. Email, call us, comment, like or add us on your social media, because we want to talk to you!

Virtual Office

And we won’t stop just there! As we improve our language skills, your Virtual Office will become more and more multilingual! Section by section, page by page, we are honing our skills for you. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. New languages will be added as features are being enhanced – because you matter to us! Check out the eStore now and use the field below to tell us how you like having the receipts printed in your language!