But guess what? You can still access QNet Mobile Website via your mobile browser!

With the continual development of smartphone-based technologies, there are emerging trusted mobile operating platforms suitable for the future’s multi-application world. These platforms enable mobile vendors to opt for a preferable platform that suits their needs and specifications. Many mobile vendors have switched from the Symbian mobile operating platform to the Android OS, iOS or BB, resulting in a significant decrease in  demand and need for the Symbian mobile operating platform. Due to this reason, QNet has also decided to cease support for Symbian mobile apps for the Nokia Symbian smartphone platform, in order to better concentrate on the more widely used mobile platforms.

If you are a Nokia smartphone user, you are not forgotten! You can continue to access your mobile e-commerce platform through you Symbian mobile web browser! QNet always strives to provide the best to our customers. With this philosophy in mind, QNet continues to develop additional infrastructure to deliver a wide range of mobile applications that are not only secure, but also easy to access with maximum benefits to our customers.

To uninstall the QNet Mobile App on on your Nokia mobile, please complete the following steps:

1.    Go to ‘Applications’

2.    Select the QNET Mobile App and press ‘Options’


3.    Select ‘Remove’ to uninstall the app

4.    A confirmation will appear. Select ‘Yes’ to proceed.

5.     Notice that the QNet Mobile app is now uninstalled. Easy!

After the user-friendly uninstallation experience, you can log on to the QNet mobile website at https://m.qnet.net via your browser and continue your QNet business as usual.