Imagine a timepiece that gives you both contemporary design and an ability to enhance your energy levels at the same time… does it sound beyond your expectation? Gallantly modern, functional and enhanced with unique wellness benefits, it’s time you get acquainted with the latest masterpiece from the Bernhard H. Mayer® Energy Series – the Force Ultimate Watch.

This handsome gentleman’s timepiece lends its modern appearance to a large stainless steel case perfectly paired with black croco-print leather strap, thereby communicating a bold masculine style. Additions to its flawless design are a date window on a black square-shaped dial and Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement to ensure the highest product standards.  What makes the Force Ultimate Watch even more ULTIMATE like its name, is the built-in energy crystal on the caseback, proven to improve and harmonise energy levels of the wearer.

Energy crystal benefits:

  • Enhances the energy and harmony levels of the body
  • Improves the body’s system functionality
  • Strengthens the body’s resistance to stress


Date indication  l  Energy crystal  l  Stainless steel with energised glass caseback  l  Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating  l  Black croco-print leather strap  l  Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement  l  Diameter 41 mm

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