Imagine this: You get an email from someone you know or a company you are familiar with (for example, your bank or QNet NSG). You open it and read a message you never expected! Your account has closed, your bank is bankrupt, QNet is shutting down its business … information that just could not have come from a company you trust! Before you get upset and disappointed, take a deep breath and think: maybe the email has been SPOOFED.

Now, what does that mean? Unfortunately, one of the problems of any email address – no matter how secure – is that any address can be forged to send emails. This is called ‘spoofing’. The person who spoofed the email should not receive any replies that are sent back to the original domain.

There is a simple process that can help you identify if the email you receive is legitimately from QNet or not.

Step 1: Simply click ‘Reply’ on the email (but do not press ‘Send’).
Step 2:
Check the Reply-To email address field.

If the email address you see there is not the same, that you saw in the ‘From’ field, then it is a ‘spoofed’ email that has not been sent by QNet. DO NOT REPLY to the email. You can forward the email to us at so that we can proceed to take action to shut down the spoofed email sender’s account. Then, simply delete the email and continue with your business. Additionally, you may also check your Virtual Office. In most cases, all important announcements are posted on the Virtual Office. If you do not find anything there, chances are, you have received a ‘spoof’ email.

If you get a message and are not sure if it came from us (if it sounds negative, is poorly written, does not make sense, etc.), please feel free to check with NSG. We are open 24 hours and 7 days a week to answer all your questions!

Spoofing has become a very common type of online fraud, targeting email accounts of reputable companies. So, be alert! You can help to protect yourself from online fraud, email phishing, and identity theft in many ways, and you can educate yourself with the our series on Online Data Protection.