Last month we announced the good news to iOS users that they will be able to download QNet Mobile Apps from the Apple Store. For BB and Android users, the wait is over! Now you can be first to experience QNet Mobile Apps with major usability enhancements! This can simply be done by deleting the existing installed QNet Mobile Apps on your smartphones, then download and install the QNet Mobile Apps from your local Blackberry and Android Apps Stores. Alternatively, you can visit our support site at and go through the Registration process.

Wondering how the new apps work? Find out below.

•           Security

Security is important for mobile access and mobile users. With the additional info security requirement system, rest assured your QNet business transaction is secured and your user privacy remains confidential!

•           QUV Display

We know how frustrating it can be when you want to purchase a product but don’t know the QUV. That’s why we have added QUV after CUV on individual product items in the Price List section!

•           Maintenance Notification Pop-Up

When QNet undergoes scheduled system maintenance, the maintenance notification message will pop up on your mobile device. With this handy information, you can check your Quest Account Balance or Commission before or after the maintenance. And in case of emergency, you can always access our mobile website at

•           Feedback

We have changed our email address for all feedbacks to to better serve you.

•           Characters Limitation

Have you heard the phrase ‘Less is More?’ In this case, it is true! To prevent or lessen an accidental wrong input, we have limited the maximum characters in various fields.

No time to waste! Download the QNet Mobile Apps now and enjoy the new and enhance QNet mobile experience.