QNet believes that going global is an essential way to go forward in the e-commerce business. Recently, QNet joined forces with leading e-commerce specialists to bring the Asia E-Commerce Conference 2011 to Kuala Lumpur. The conference, held on the 4th and 5th of October at the Gardens Hotel, was a leading platform to discuss the future development of e-commerce in Asia.

The event brought together speakers from the renowned FORBES 500 companies and offered a wide range of topics. QNet, as the silver sponsor of the conference, was given the topic entitled “Challenges and Solutions of International E-Commerce Product Fulfilment”.

Making his presentation to an audience comprising of both the public and private sectors, QNet’s Chief Operations Officer, Dave Osh, highlighted seven challenges faced by the e-commerce business and at the same time provided the solutions to overcome them.

The 7 challenges are Global Shipping and the lack of supply chain integration, Duties & Tariffs that surprise customers when they receive the products, Product Restrictions causing customs to confiscate products that are not registered especially food and supplements , Currency Restrictions where countries limit the amount consumers can import products and restriction on payment gateways, Returns and Chargebacks, Poor Customer Service and No Product Service at Destination – example the risk of drop-shipment services.

Dave proposed seven solutions to the above challenges which were Courier Integration, Delivered Duties Paid (DDP), Foreign Legal Entities, Regional Communities, Multiple Payment Solutions, Ecommerce Integration with ERP and Ecommerce Integration with CRM.

Dave’s message to the conference: “Don’t be afraid of going global as it provides opportunity to do business way beyond your small jurisdiction. Grow your business internationally with physical products.”

He also pointed out that it was wrong to assume that e-commerce transactions is only via credit card, noting “we want to sell also to people that don’t have credit card. The solution for this is e-wallet as companies have proven to sell more via e-wallet than credit card.

“Asian businesses must embrace new technology or face an uphill struggle in an increasingly competitive global economic environment. E-commerce is becoming an essential tool for businesses to open up new markets and to reach out to new customers as well as boost all-round profitability,” added Dave

QNet is the main subsidiary of international conglomerate, the QI Group which has varied business interests including direct selling and e-commerce, lifestyle and leisure, investments and property management, training and conference management, telecommunications and luxury and collectibles.