During V-Malaysia 2011, QNet had a chance to catch up with some IRs who shared with us their personal success stories as well as their favourite QNet products. Here’s one of the many impressive stories that were shared.

“We are both studying in Cairo, Egypt. We have similar experiences because we joined QNet at approximately the same time. Before we joined QNet, we led a normal student life, we never gave a thought about making money or our future, but QNet has changed that. QNet has introduced us to a new path and given us goals in life. Because of QNet, we are thinking about our futures.

“QNet has made us more interested in reading and researching new ideas and studies. It has also changed our mindset and changed the way we deal and communicate with people. We learned how to handle people and handle their rejections. Our presentational skills have improved greatly, which consequently, helped to improve our grades at university as well. What’s more, the feeling that we are earning our own money and making our way in the world is very rewarding. The experience of receiving our first cheque was incredible.

“We will take the experience that we have received here and share it with our team back home. This year there are only eight people from our team that came, next year definitely no less than 18 people will come.”

“We love QNet products because there is a lot of variety to choose from. We both bought the (Amezcua) Chi Pendant, it is a very good product. We love QNet.”

– Alhussein Youssef Abdel-Fattah & Hassan Addas


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