Meeting the transcendent beauty inspired from a symbol of perfection, Umayal Collection proudly presents you the Nautilus Set – a gracefully charismatic design set off by the sublime green of the peridot.

Combining the beauty of nature with precious gemstones, this elegant Nautilus Set is designed to reflect the perfect spiral geometry of the shell of the chambered nautilus, whose pearlescent sheen has captivated artists and designers since the ancient Greek era. In addition to the striking resemblance of the almost-mystical cephalopod, the contrasting textures of polished and raw peridots also give the pieces a depth that’s exciting, yet elegant touch.

Peridot is believed to bring luck, success and happiness to its wearers, as well as to help them realise their dreams. Often cited as the favourite gemstone of Cleopatra, this vividly green gem is a symbol of success and dignity. Some also believe that peridot helps protect against nervousness and aids in healing hurt feelings.

The Nautilus Set offers versatility through a spectacular pendant that can be worn as a brooch; both options match perfectly with a pair of earrings that look equally stunning worn on their own.

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