QI Group Managing Director, Mr Joseph Bismark, was recently invited by the former President of the Philippines, Mr Fidel V Ramos, to tee off in the PEFTOK Cup, an annual golf tournament that aims to recognise the Philippine Expeditionary Forces To Korea (PEFTOK) during the Korean War.

The QPlus contingent that took place in the tournament, with Mr Ramos.

Mr Bismark, who was accompanied by staff from QPlus, and Mr Ramos are no strangers to each other, having met a few times before. The one-day event provided both ample opportunity to catch up. What did they talk about? Politics and business… naturally.

Mr Bismark also demonstrated that he was quite the whiz on the golf course. Even though he hadn’t played in a year, he broke 95 and placed second in the tournament.

Trailblazing and exceptionally-positioned, QPlus and QNet are network marketing companies under the QI Group, a multinational conglomerate. Mr Bismark co-founded QNet 13 years ago, and has been the Group Managing Director of QI since 2008.

To view photos from the tournament, visit www.facebook.com/josephbismark.

Mr Bismark and Mr Ramos rode in the same cart throughout the tournament, providing them with an opportunity to catch up.
After the game, Mr Bismark and Mr Ramos exchanged gifts, among which were books that each had written. Mr Bismark presented Mr Ramos with a copy of his maiden book, the Gems of Wisdom.