Because of the enormous positive feedback that we received after the extension of the eCard CASHBACK Promo, we are overwhelmed once again with the request for another extension! And so, as we love to please our beloved IRs more than anything else, here it is once again… an extended eCard CASHBACK Promo!

This fantastic deal will take effect from now until Tuesday, 29 November 2011, 23:59 HKST to let you enjoy just a little bit more. The process is easy – just simply purchase your favourite QNet products with the eCard and get your CASHBACK in your Quest Account. Do you remember? The more you purchase, the more you get!

If the word ‘eCard’ is not familiar to you, ask your Upline about the method to acquire your own eCards, or find the nearest eCard Agent around your location.

It’s time to enjoy this fast and convenient payment method with CASHBACK waiting for you!

For terms & conditions, please visit your Virtual Office.