QNet worked hard to prepare this year’s BONANZA With a BANG! We wanted it to BANG  loudly, making sure that everyone knows about this jumbo incentive. So, how did you  find out about Bonanza? Did your Upline call you at midnight? Or did that big colourful banner grab your attention when  you visited your VO?

Bonanza With a BANG! is everywhere and your entire VO is BANGing!

Click a banner to get a pop-up with all the BONANZA details!











Prefer your local language instead? Click the latest Business updates announcements and read them  in your own language!

Have you read them already ? We knew you would and we created an FAQ file! Get it from the BONANZA With a BANG! section in your left hand  side menu (we’ve put it under my Commissions so there is no way you can miss it!):

Are you into scenarios and calculations? So are we! Look at the diagram and have more of your questions answered! We came up with more than dozen of scenarios! And yes, you can select YOUR LANGUAGE!

BONANZA is all about networking, so do not miss your Upline explaining the incentive to you! The Chief did two  special web casts which we hope you have already seen and have shown to your team. In case you haven’t, watch them NOW here and here.

Remember that The V has plenty of information on their website, too.  And we just don’t stop here! V Partner and QNet Director Mr TG Kintanar has just finished recording his Bonanza video and it is now being edited and subtitled and will soon be delivered to you. Stay tuned and make sure you visit the QNet blog often, because there is a surprise Bonanza section being tailored to appear soon!