Have you ever heard of Parabens?

Parabens are synthetic preservatives widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. They can be found in shampoos, shaving gels, toothpaste and many skin care products. Even though parabens extend a product’s shelf-life, numerous studies have shown that it is a carcinogen – a possible cancer causing agent.

With QNet, your safety is our top priority. Absolutely paraben- and preservative-free, our high end skin care product line, Physio Radiance, contains hypoallergenic ingredients to lower the possibility of an allergic or adverse reaction. To ensure the health and well-being of all our customers, more than 80 harmful ingredients are blacklisted from being used in our products.

Aiming to stimulate the natural rejuvenation of the skin by the body’s own functions, Physio Radiance utilises the world’s smallest antioxidant – Negative Hydrogen (H) – an ultimate skin rejuvenation formula. Unlike other skin care products, where the Negative Hydrogen degrades over time, Physio Raidiance uses microencapsulation technology to help protect the Negative Hydrogen in small hydrophobic balls. It helps your skin self-regulate, self-regenerate, and self-repair at a cellular level. Physio Radiance’s patented technology gives back the original characteristics of youthful skin cells that have been lost due to aging.

It’s time to let your healthy skin shine with radiance from the inside! Stop abusing your skin and treat it with this ultimate skin rejuvenation product. Hurry up! It is now on PROMO until Tuesday, 29 November 2011, 23:59 HKST. This is your last chance before the price adjustment which will be in effect soon, so grab this opportunity now before the PROMO ends!

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