Amezcua products are our all-time best sellers and QNet is honoured to be selling products that are admired by millions. However, with their revolutionary water energising techniques, it was just a matter of time until somebody took the  Amezcua Bio Disc and… started selling Biowater. We have received numerous reports about ‘Biowater’ or ‘Amezcua water’ (water treated with the Bio Disc) being sold in different countries.

QNet officially states that it has no relation to Biowater or any other similar products. Therefore, we have no information about the quality and the features of this water. How do you know it was treated by the Bio Disc at all?

So how can you be sure what you get? Information about all QNet’s products are available on QNet’s  website and eStore (click on any product in your eStore to get lots of information in your language!) as well as in this blog. If we do not talk about a product (water, for instance) – that’s because we have nothing to do with it! If you purchased a product through a third party retailer, it is not from QNet. Same applies for all ‘QNet’ products. Want to drink water treated by Amezcua Bio Disc 2? Just purchase the disc and be sure that you and your family drink truly energised water. And you can have it as much as you need – not just a small amount purchased in some bottle.

Please also be reminded that all properties of Amezcua products (as well as properties of water treated by Amezcua products) are listed in QNet’s official sources. You can download all Amezcua certificates here. All other information and claims (especially those that claim to cure cancer and other serious health conditions) are not true and they have never been advertised by QNet.

Should you have any related questions, please feel free to email your NSG or ask your questions in the field below!