With the frequent and abrupt change of weather, it is likely that your immune system might easily succumb to sickness, disease and ailment from time to time. Add to this free radicals as the result of a poor diet, over-exposure to the sun, pollution and bad habits such as smoking or too much alcohol and the toll on your body is heavy.

Let Olé pure olive leaf extract be your natural bodyguard to boost your immune system. With 400 per cent greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C, and up to 40 times more polyphenolics than extra-virgin olive oil, our olive leaf extract is a powerful combatant against free radicals. Complemented by a balanced diet and regular exercise, Olé assists in the maintenance of good health year round.

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Olé Olive Leaf Extract is a liquid solution which enables your body to absorb its minerals, vitamins and nutrients more efficiently than powdered alternatives.

Protect your immune system and achieve a healthy well-rounded lifestyle with Olé. Now in your eStore!


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