The Rainbow Trek 2011 is an annual fund raising event organised by a team of dedicated students from Island School in support of children affected by autism. QNet, through the RYTHM Foundation, supported this noble cause. For the past years, QNet Hong Kong staff managed to raise funds and RYTHM Foundation matched the amount raised by the staff in order to contribute donations for this project. To add up, some staff actually participated in the trek to give deeper meaning to the word ‘sponsorship’.

This year, led by our beloved Director, Mr Richard Zinkiewicz (or Mr Zi as we fondly call him), eight QNet staff braved the Hong Kong Trail despite inclement weather conditions.

The wet and slippery trail, the rocks, the slippery soil, the steep stairs, the slip-outs, insect bites, and everything else made the hike even tougher, but the team’s determination and focus on both the cause and their personal challenge made everything truly worthwhile. A walk to remember indeed!

Mr Zi also gave two special recognitions –  the first one to our IT Storage and Back-up Specialist Kenny Chu, who helped pushed Mr Zi over the first 25 kilometres, virtually walking next to him up to Post #44, but unfortunately missing the turn-off to get to the Official Midway Point at Post #51.

The second recognition was given to our IT Project Team Leader Dano Dometita, who arrived at the Official Midway Point only about 10 minutes behind him.

QNet would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone who supported this event, especially Mr Zi for once again completing the full 50-kilometre challenge… with determination.