All athletes are expected to perform their best in tournaments and competitions, yet they still have to keep up their personal life and spend time with their families and friends. Having only a desire to succeed is not enough if it doesn’t match the ability to endure the strenuous demands of the sport in order to stay on top of the game. Feeling a lack of energy? Meet an energetic solution created with the active sportsperson in mind – Veloci-Ti pendants.

Designed for high-level athletes and active sportspeople, Veloci-Ti is a range of energised titanium performance pendants which assists in performance energy and helps you achieve you best in any sport. Veloci-Ti pendants are made from light, strong, and durable titanium and can withstand the strenuous conditions an athlete experiences, they are ideal for active people and athletes to wear while playing all kinds of sports.

Their distinctive designs come in sleek, contemporary, and futuristic style suitable for complementing your look as unique jewellery pieces. Available in three designs – Concord, Cosmos Dynamic, and Cosmos – each Veloci-Ti performance pendant provides the same benefits as a defining signature piece. Veloci-Ti pendants help balance and amplify your energy level, as well as increase physical performance, endurance, and agility. All these positive effects may also help improve various functions of the body to be better equipped to handle the stresses of sports.


Grey and black PVD-plated brushed titanium, 18 K gold inlay, 35 mm Ø

Cosmos Dynamic

Laser-engraved black PVD-plated titanium, 18 K gold inlay, 35 mm Ø


Laser-engraved grey and black PVD-plated titanium, 35 mm Ø

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