Winter is considered as the season of renewal.  It is a time for the earth to sleep and heal itself.  Despite the fact that many places are being gripped with cold and snow, there is still perpetual beauty to be seen: the shimmer of fresh snow in sunlight, the glitter of icicles on the end of a branch, or the delicate tracks upon the landscape of creatures born to revel in a winter wonderland.

Inspired by the splendour of shimmering snow-laden trees in winter, the Ice Queen Set from Umayal Collection best represents the delicate beauty of stark, crystalline branches captured in polished silver and accentuated with stunning freshwater pearls, which creates a perfect focal point for each piece. Available in both pendant and earrings, the Ice Queen Set evokes the beauty of a winter’s day with the exquisite icy magnificence of this matchless set.

Pendant: Silver 925/-, freshwater pearls, 11.2 g; silver 925/- chain

Earrings: Silver 925/-, freshwater pearls, 6.8 g

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