Obtainer magazine, one of the world’s most renowned and trusted international marketing magazines recently featured QNET’s HomePure water filtration system citing that it has broken record sales in Egypt and Malaysia.

Since receiving the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) seal on its seven-stage filtration system, HomePure proved that it has what it takes to provide many people with clean and refreshing water.

QNET Product Trainer Johann Herling reiterated the benefits of using HomePure, particularly mentioning that its compact size and advanced technology make it popular in many countries.

“HomePure’s filters use very advanced technology and materials compared to other filters, it uses Pi-water, also called ‘living-water’ that changes the molecule structure of the water resulting in reduced free radicals and decreasing the oxidation process in the body,” Herling said.

HomePure filters the water by means of a seven-stage filtration process. It uses several mechanisms to filter impurities using its unique Pi-water ceramic balls that add special salts known as Ferric Ferrous salts to break down the water molecules to hexagons, similar to the original water molecules.

HomePure provides many added benefits to your home or office, primarily you wouldn’t need to worry about an electric power outlet to use and install your filter. Its unique countertop size allows you to use it anywhere on your kitchen or pantry top without worrying about hazardous installation procedures or plumbing.

You too can experience the benefits of HomePure for yourself, click here to read the complete article on Obtainer magazine or visit www.homepure.com for further information.