Noticed some strange messages from your antivirus software alerts when visiting the QNET and VFan blogs? Worried? Be assured that there is no need to worry! We have tested and examined this issue and can assure you that our blogs and all online resources are 100 per cent safe and stable!
So, what is it that your antivirus software is detecting when it informs you of a ‘malware threat’? It is a new pseudo-virus code, so-called JS.Alescurf, which first appeared on the Internet last week, on 12 January. While this script can be spotted as a virus, the risk is close to zero. So please rest assured that our blogs are safe!
We are currently waiting for WordPress, the world’s leading blogging platform that we use for our blogs, to make new updates to their blogging system, which will fix this glitch. Please rest assured that your online security always remains our top priority and under no circumstances will be ever compromised. Which means, you are safe with QNET!