Hungry for good news? Feast your eyes on this. Worry no more, the QNET website is now just a few clicks away on your phone, with its new mobile version, specially customised for your best mobile browsing experience!
We are pleased to announce that you can now experience our mobile browsing site via the following mobile web link! The mobile site is a compressed website developed from QNET’s global online platform containing information to help you manage and run your business.

Wondering what you can get out of this new feature? You can have the luxury of time and a constant on-the-go location to benefit from our promos! You will have the ability to present QNET products and business to increase your retail sales and expand your network wherever you are at whatever time. And even turn prospects into Downlines with our mobile ‘Sign Up’ feature. Isn’t that exciting? Let us take you through a sneak preview of the QNET mobile website.


As you know here at QNET we strive to give you MORE; more accessibility to product information, more business opportunity, and more support to help you achieve your goals of financial success and freedom of time.

Your mobile phone is no longer just a mere telecommunications devise; it is an important communications and powerful business tool, essential for your success. In a current and exciting fast-paced world, it is important to be on top of the newest developments and to always get the best. With QNET, your opportunity is unlimited!