Because ‘Health is our best wealth’, QNET believes that good health has vital importance for a happy life. The New Year is the best time to start living a healthy lifestyle and what better way is there for us to support your well-being than by providing you all the right facts and information with our brand new weekly ‘HEALTH MATTERS’ section! Let’s begin our very first feature with Dr Tracy Gibbs, QNET’s health consultant for dietary supplements and skin care products. He will enlighten you with his various tips to help you strengthen your immunity!

Strengthening Your Immunity? Think Again!

Did you know that over 50 per cent of people who walk into a medical clinic or Chinese herbal shop are looking for something to cure the common cold or flu? Most of the time people are looking to boost their immune system, but what many people do not realise is that simply boosting your immunity may not always be enough to ward off common illness. Supporting and nurturing your extremely complex immune system with the right nutrients will maintain it in a healthy state allowing it to boost or lower itself when necessary.

The word immune itself comes from the Roman city of Immunis. Immunis was the only city that was not subject to pay taxes to Caesar. Thus, as a result, the entire Roman Empire would persecute the citizens of Immunis and the word itself began to mean ‘Not one of us’. And so the terminology derived, your immune system identifies what ‘is you’ and what is ‘not you.’

As our bodies build up immunities (antigens) against things that are ‘not you’, the white blood cells respond by attacking those things that have been marked as ‘not you’. This immune response triggers symptoms such as fevers, inflammation, runny noses, and other allergic reactions.

For those who suffer from these types of symptoms, boosting up your white blood cell count may be the worst thing you can do. When faced with these problems, you should focus on modulating your immune system.

During a change of seasons, it is very important for you to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Immunisation and antibiotics do help, but will never be as powerful or as safe as your own natural body’s defense system. For a well-regulated immune system, try these proven tips on a daily basis:

  1. Get plenty of rest every night. At least seven hours of sleep.
  2. Wash your hands at least three times a day.
  3. Eat plenty of green vegetables every day.
  4. Avoid taking any antibiotics unless the infection is critical or you have been advised to by a medical professional.
  5. Drink plenty of good clean water; QNET’s HomePure is a great source of this!
  6. Have a good positive mental attitude. This is a proven fact.
  7. Ensure you maintain a high intake of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

With or without your knowledge, you may neglect applying one or more of these tips in your daily routine. You don’t have to give up; there are many herbs and proven remedies for the common cold, flu, allergies and other infections, that work with your immune system and not against it. Make use of them. An excellent wellness product, the all-natural Olé Olive Leaf Extract can assist you to support your body’s and immune system’s needs. Olé Olive Leaf Extract contains over 400 per cent greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C. It also has up to 40 times more polyphenols than virgin olive oil and acts as a powerful combatant against free radicals.

The natural properties and medicinal potential of herbs and plants such as the olive leaf extract makes their use complementary and advantageous to your lifestyle and at the same time protect your immunity. May this new year be a healthy and happy one for you!