That’s right, you deserve to be promoted! You may have heard the talk, and this is our official way of telling you: your enhanced Compensation Plan is coming your way! Soon, you’ll find out exactly what the enhancements are and how YOU can earn even MORE than ever before! And as an existing QNET IR, you will be immediately promoted to a very special rank in the enhanced plan! Right now your leaders are learning all the details and you will find out soon.

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Why is now such a great time for a promo, you ask?

Because the Limited Edition Promo is your last chance to join QNET’s original ‘team’, to be a pioneer, to be a part of the ‘original’ compensation plan. And why is that so important? Because ALL existing IRs as-of the eve of the new compensation plan, will be PROMOTED to the special rank in the enhanced QNET Compensation Plan! And as an added bonus for being a QNET pioneer, you will never lose that Rank! The only way for you to go will be UP!

Hungry for more information about the unlimited opportunity? Your leaders and QNET will bring you all you need to know, but for now, visit your eStore and enjoy the Limited Edition promo! And remember, this is your best chance before the new compensation plan arrives! So tell your prospects to join now and become the pioneers of QNET!

The best is still to come, stay tuned!

The Limited Edition promo is effective from now, 4 February 2012, 00:01 HKST until Friday, 2 March 2012, 23:59 HKST.