This energising disc has stirred up a bit of controversy, leading to some bizarre, and occasionally incredible myths. When you consider the Bio Disc’s many benefits, it’s easy to see how stories can emerge.

First of all, the Amezcua Bio Disc is not a miracle cure for everything. QNet has never claimed that it is, because the Bio Disc does not cure diseases, like cancer, heart disease, etc. It also does not have magic powers to help you slim down, quit smoking, or give up alcohol consumption. Sorry!

As a legitimate network marketing business that takes professional marketing very seriously, QNet has never made claims regarding benefits apart from those stated on the official website, product brochures, and the official blog. These should be your only trusted sources for QNet information.

Here’s what the Bio Disc really is: a carefully-researched result of science and technology. Drinking water that’s been treated with the Bio Disc energises your body and increases harmony levels. Yes, these are scientific facts, supported by research, testing and certification from various institutes across the world.

Another reason for the myths is because the effects from using the Bio Disc vary from one individual to another. Everyone’s body is different, so it only makes sense the way our bodies react to the Bio Disc would produce different results, right?

It’s impossible for QNet to control what everyone says about our products. Bio Disc still remains one of our best-sellers, so it’s not surprising that so many people are talking about it! As mentioned in our recent Wikipedia post, the best thing to do is to be careful when you read what others say about QNet and our products. If the info doesn’t come from an official QNet source, then there’s a chance it might not be accurate, or even an absolute myth.

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