When you mention vegetarian cuisine, non-vegetarians normally have a preconceived notion that vegetarian food is healthy… but plain, tasteless, and not substantial enough. Often, they cry, “I need my protein!” But when it comes to well prepared, well thought-out vegetarian cuisine, nothing could be further from the truth.

At Prana Resorts & Spa on the Thai island of Koh Samui, the vegetarian restaurant, Amala, serves up a repertoire of simply divine vegetarian dishes infused with Thai and Asian flavours that are not just a delight to the palate but also a pleasure to the senses. Most of the fresh salad greens are cultivated hydroponically on the resort itself, including various types of lettuce such as red oak, green cos and butter head. Mint, basil and Thai basil are grown organically in the resort’s gardens as well, and are creatively added to dishes and even cocktails!

In Koh Samui, coconuts and mushrooms of various varieties are grown in abundance. To promote healthy living, Amala also uses coconut oil in much of its cooking. Coconut has many health benefits, including promoting weight loss, helping protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many other degenerative diseases, as well as preventing premature ageing of the skin, strengthening the immune system, and improving digestion. Mushrooms are also used in many of Amala’s signature dishes. Mushrooms have their own unique taste and flavour, and have high nutritional value of vitamins B12, B3, B2, minerals and folate.

Amala Restaurant overlooks the resort’s infinity swimming pool and the picturesque Gulf of Thailand toward the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan. The perfect place for a languid lunch, a romantic dinner, or just cocktails at sunset by the pool. Amala has gained great recognition for its cuisine and ambience and is highly rated in Thailand Tatler’s Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2011 guide.

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