Vital Life Center, a revolutionary wellness center in Manila, Philippines, owned by the QI Group, is featured on When In Manila, the Philippines popular web site about places to visit and things to do in the vibrant Philippine capital of Manila. Vital Life Center works closely with Qplus, QNET’s subsidiary in the Philippines, focusing on wellness and lifestyle products.

When in Manila, make sure to visit the Vital Life Center, to check your health and get informative blood test results, such as Body Terrain Analysis (BTA) which determines a person’s biological age, as well as a Pulse Wave Vascular Test to assess risk for cardiovascular diseases. The blood sample acquired for the BTA can also check hormones in your body, namely DHEA, homocysteine, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and cortisol. With our busy lifestyles, business, travels and ambitions, we barely find time to stop and look into how we feel and how this can be improved… So, wherever you live, listening to your body and taking good care of it is a MUST. Why not visit the Vital Life Center for friendly and informative advice to help you learn of ways to enhance your health. And, as the article says, the Center also boasts a great SPA!