Don’t you love award ceremonies in the movies? When the students receive their well-deserved certificates, get handshakes from people they look up to, get their photos taken among their loved ones while they have permanent smiles on their faces? Everyone wants to be there and feel THIS good! We may say that we study for knowledge and our career and not for a formal diploma or ceremony, but its undeniable that having this formal rite of passage brings a great feeling when all you can think of is: I did it! It was hard but well worth it! We know how amazing it feels and we want to give you the opportunity to feel this too. With those of you who want to be there. And what better place to host this than V-Con 2012!

Finish your Swiss eLearning Course before 1 August 2012 and receive your Swiss eLearning Institute Certificate at V-Con 2012 from the hands of QNET Directors and V-Partners in the presence of the VIPs! Even if you have not purchased your course yet, you still have time. And be sure to take advantage of the amazing promo which is running now! Experience the sense of success, achievement, pride and unlimited opportunities lying ahead. We know how it feels and we want you to share that amazing feeling at YOUR Swiss eLearning Institute Certificate Awards Ceremony during V-Con Indonesia 2012! Get started today to have the time of your life in September!

Stay tuned for details as V-Con approaches!

Terms and Conditions:

1. All IRs are eligible for the Swiss eLearning Institute Certificate Awards Ceremony (World Plan and Local Plans).

2. Participants must complete their Swiss eLearning Institute course before 1 August 2012.

3. Participants must be registered for V-Con Indonesia 2012 before 25 August 2012 and attend the event.

4. All participants should bring their online printed course completion certificates to V-Con 2012.