We all know Dato’Vijay Eswaran as our esteemed V Managing Partner, well-versed in business and spiritual matters. Recently he was featured in the South China Morning Post on February 18, 2012.

It’s nice to see that Hong Kong’s leading English-language daily recognises Dato’ Vijay’s unique leadership style. The article talks about how his leadership stands out from the typical crowd of business tycoons – and it’s down to the spiritual principles he weaves into his personal and work life through the years.

An educated up-bringing, rooted in philosophical discussions of the world’s greatest minds, inspired Dato’ Vijay to come up with his own values for the QI Group: truth, service, care and raising yourself to help mankind.

The article also mentions a joke Dato’ Vijay used to tell his business contacts, “I’m only the assistant; the big boss is not here,” referring to God. This confused some of his listeners, who asked when they could meet the boss then.

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