QNET Chief of Network Support Malou Caluza With the Leaders


QNET Chief of Network Services Malou Caluza with top Central Asian Leaders.

You saw the video and we’ve promised that there’s more to come! Well, here’s a bit more to whet your appetite! The past few weeks have been momentous for QNET, as four countries, each one representing major business regions, played host to exclusive summit events designed to educate and enlighten the best and brightest leaders, your Uplines, about QNET’s enhanced Compensation Plan, QInfinite.

Before the launch of QNET’s QInfinite Compensation Plan happening not long from now, we wanted to first introduce QInfinite to our key leaders. The Summit was an enormous success and the enhanced Plan received an overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic response.

Exotic Malaysia was the first country to hold the Summit, which catered to the greater Asia and Southeast Asia regions. These leaders were introduced to the improved Plan by non-other than V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah and V Partner Sathi Senathirajah. Assisting VMD Pathman and VP Sathi were the Associate V Partner Dev Johl and V Council Member Rosli Ismail. The second Summit in enchanting Istanbul, Turkey, targeting the Central Asia region, was headed up by V Partner Arun George, Associate V Partner Dr. Motaz Qais and Associate V Partner David Sharma all leading the discussions and presentations. Simultaneously with Turkey, the sparkling city of Dubai also hosted a Summit where more than 60 top leaders of the Middle East and Africa (MENA) gathered to take part in the event. A collection of top presenters including V Partner Tagumpay (TG) Kintanar, V Partner Kuna Senathirajah, V Partner Adly Hassan Hamed, V Partner Kuna Senathirajah and QNET Acting Chief Executive Officer Dave Osh guided our MENA leaders through the Plan. The final destination of the preliminary Summit Tour was in vibrant India, this time showcased by the incomparable V Partner and QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson and V Partner Sathi Senathirajah. The top leaders of India gathered to learn and share thoughts about the enhanced Compensation Plan and the new products also to be launched shortly!

New and exciting products were revealed as a preview to their launch, such as new online courses for QNET’s Swiss eLearning Institute (Business English and Motorsport Management); the take-everywhere Amezcua E-Guard for immediate protection from the e-smog submitted from mobile phones and computers; new In-Voice telecommunication packages; and new nutritional supplements.

V Partners, as well as QNET and The V teams were impressed with how QNET leaders showed their passion and commitment to the business and plenty of suggestions and recommendations were gathered to further improve the enhanced business model. There is much excitement for QInfinite, as the enhanced Plan will definitely open bigger and better doors providing unlimited opportunities for each and every QNET IR.

Even more good news: in the coming months, more countries in more regions will be visited by these leaders and trainers to spread the word about the benefits of QNET’s QInfinite Compensation Plan. Is your country next? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to find out as we will be keeping you up-to-date with all the new happenings!

Hungry for QInfinite details and mechanics? They will soon be coming to your QNET blog and Virtual Office in different languages and fun and easy-to understand forms! Videos, presentations, FAQs, comments – you will be an expert in QInfinite by the time it launches!