Once again, QNET shows the world we’re on the cutting edge by harnessing a revolutionary new technology that’s about to change the way people watch sports. The massive England v Holland game next Wednesday, 29th will feature a full 90-metre sideline LED billboard QNET advertisement. We’re one of the first Asian countries to use this fantastic technology; this will be HUGE!!

The exciting new technology known as Digital Billboard Replacement (DBR) allows television audiences to see a ‘virtual’ billboard which appears like a regular billboard , but displays moving animations in bright crisp full HD! DBR is being used for the first time on a global scale for a full England FA match; there have been trials which wowed viewers displaying animations unlike anyone had ever seen. This is the future of sports advertising and QNET is pioneering its use, reserving the full 90-metre sideline billboard to proudly blaze the company name and colours live throughout the match on all global channels.

For QNET, being a leader in new technology and new ideas comes naturally. Leadership and vision are what makes the QNET family different and drives our success, staying ahead of technology is the key.

As the world looks on and marvels at the fantastic and futuristic new images, YOUR COMPANY is what they will see. DO NOT miss this historical moment for sports and for QNET, make sure you’re watching the game with your team at 20:00 GMT (midnight GST; 1 March. 4 am HKST). Find your TV channel here!