Today is not a usual day in the QNET offices…  We are still working, taking calls and taking care of all the usual background details, but something is definitely different in the air… reminiscent of when we were young children living off adrenaline and excitement before a major holiday or a large event… counting down the days 3, 2, 1 day and then… BAM! TONIGHT’s the night!

And this is what we are excited about: QNET is Going to WEMBLEY tonight! It will be very late at night or rather early morning in the majority of our offices, but we will be eagerly watching the England v Holland match rooting for our teams at Wembley! QNET’s support for this exciting match is already in the news, and keep your eyes peeled for more media coverage to come!

Check all the TV channel listings here to know which channel to tune into for the match and be prepared for the QNET logo animation to be jumping all over your TV screens tonight! Read about the teams and players and take a nap earlier in the evening if 20:00 GMT is too late in your time zone! But for us here at QNET, we are too excited to sleep even if we tried! Don’t miss our very own QNET logo flashing around millions of TV screens in almost 200 countries with the ground breaking Digital Billboard Replacement (DBR) technology 90-meter boards! Get a preview of what to expect from tomorrow night here and now! Sparkling Wembley, here we come!

Stay tuned for the full play-time coverage, photos, video clips and comments to come after the game!