Managed to get some sleep since last night’s game? Do not be somber if you couldn’t watch it live; here’s a quick recap for those of you that missed it. With QNET’s support, the legendary Wembley Stadium came alive last night during the historic England-Holland international football match. Football fans were treated to a killer match with Holland eventually taking the win in a very close contest.

After a strong come-back, England fans were hoping for a draw until Holland scored a late goal to win the match. QNET couldn’t have asked for a more captivating spectacle to proudly show its logo on the 90-metre dynamic DBR billboard along the Wembley’s side lines. The game kept audiences of millions around the globe hanging on with excitement levels high until the last minute as the two teams fought closely. Those of us who stayed up late to watch were certainly not disappointed!

It was a historic night for sports and advertising and a great success in showing the world what QNET is all about.

With the cutting edge DBR technology, professional football and competitive spirits striving to success, there was no better place for QNET to be able to reach into millions of households worldwide!

QNET logo surronds the field!


Great football with QNET backdrop!

Stay tuned for exciting video clips and photos of the brightest moments of the match!