At QNET, we’re all about living our dreams and achieving things that we never imagined were possible. For example, did you ever imagine that your business would provide the chance to get involved, behind the scenes, in Formula One racing?

Photo shows livery from 2010 F1 Abu Dhabi GP

In 2010, QNET formed a historic partnership with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Racing and became the first direct selling company to sponsor a formula one team. We joined up again in 2011 to support the team throughout the whole season and now, in 2012, with the new team name of Marussia F1 team and new team driver Charles Pic, QNET remains the only direct selling company in the race and we are ready for a momentous season.

QNET’s partnership with Marussia F1 is an unmatched opportunity for every IR to get involved in the most elite high-speed, high-action sport in the world. It’s also your unmatched opportunity to promote the QNET brand and achieve solid sales growth. As an entrepreneur, you know that your business and your brand need effective promotion; what could be more attention-grabbing than having your company’s name on show in highest level of motor racing and one of most watched sports in the world? A very limited number of brands promote themselves on such a prestigious and thrilling platform.

Photo taken during 2011 F1 Malaysian GP

With this partnership, QNET has secured some very exciting chances for you to get in on the racing action. For you as an IR, this is an opportunity you must not miss!

Stay tuned to QNET blog and your Virtual Office for announcements on how to get involved!