Being an athlete requires a lot of effort, one must process the desire to succeed as well as the ability to run the hard road, the energy to put in the long hours of training, and the perseverance to endure the strenuous demands of the sport. And that is still not all! They are also expected to keep up their personal life and spend time with their families and friends. Hence, maintaining a peak physical condition is certainly on their first list of priorities.

Let Veloci-Ti pendants be your energetic solution, specifically designed for high-level athletes and active sportspeople. These energised titanium performance pendants assist in performance energy and help achieve a natural best in any sport. Veloci-Ti pendants are energised through a cutting-edge technology called Informational Energy Imprinting (IEI) Technology that utilises the concept of energy waves and information frequency modulation. Containing positive effects, these pendants may help improve various functions of the body to be better equipped to handle the stresses of sports. Veloci-Ti pendants assist to enhance energy levels, physical performance, sport endurance, resistance and agility.

Made from light, strong, and durable titanium to withstand the vigorous conditions, Veloci-Ti pendants are ideal for active people and athletes to wear while playing all kinds of sports.

Veloci-Ti pendants are available in three designs – Concord, Cosmos Dynamic, and Cosmos. Their unique designs were inspired by geometric fractals that astonishingly offer a smart and sporty look, and add functionality to the practical performance pendants for active people.

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