You have heard the talk, and now you know the date.

14 April 2012, the day when your life will change forever.

On 14 April 2012, the enhanced QNET Compensation Plan will bring you more freedom and better opportunity to gain financial rewards! After 13 years of having expertise in the direct selling industry, we have combined the fruits of our knowledge into this enhancement, true culmination of everything that we have achieved – QInfinite. It will truly become the new height of your success!

Interested? Get a sneak peak of the QInfinite teasers to get the idea! Great changes are about to come!

We did say it was exciting, right? When we say ‘infinite’, it doesn’t limit to only the enhanced Compensation Plan, there are also lots of improved features prepared for you that you’ll certainly be excited about! Streamlined services, new options and better customer experience are coming! Start  counting  down the days now, it’s only one month away!

To prepare you to get a better understanding of this infinite opportunity, over this month we’ll equip you with plenty of updated information, movies, presentations and tips that will help you grow and succeed!  More ways to earn with higher payouts and NO LIMITS on how far you can go! Stay tuned for tons of fun and easy-to-understand information!