After the success of the first QNET Infinite Summit World Tour, we didn’t want to keep you waiting for too long! The next location on the agenda was to the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, where we introduced QNET’s enhanced Compensation Plan, QInfinite, to over 300 key leaders.

Just like the previous summit, this truly amazing event was a huge success and the presentation of QInfinite was warmly welcomed by everyone who participated. The presentation was conducted in two separate rounds for both male and female leaders. They all expressed excitement about the enhanced Compensation Plan and realised the unlimited opportunity that was to be presented to their lives to earn more money and to get more out of life.

On this occasion, new and exciting products were also disclosed as a special sneak preview, to be launched together with QInfinite.

Stay tuned as more exciting information will be coming to your QNET blog and Virtual Office very soon! Be well-prepared to step into this new era together with QNET!