Excited about QInfinite? Got questions not addressed in the FAQs? Now’s your chance to ask!

QNET will host its very first Google+ Hangout, where QNET’s Chief of Network Services Malou Caluza will answer your questions about QInfinite.

Join QNET’s Google+ page today and seize the opportunity to video chat with Malou and ask her your questions.

Note: the Hangout will be in English, but we’re working on having them in other languages.
How to join the Hangout

Before you start, you need a Google+ account, a webcam, a mic, and the video chat plug-in installed. Make sure you have all this before the event starts.

1. Go to QNET’s G+ page. http://gplus.to/QNetOfficial/
2. Sign in to your Google+ account if you haven’t already.
3. Look for the post with the image that says, “QInfinite Google Hangout with Malou”.
4. In the comments section, look for “QNET QInfinite – I started a hangout to discuss this post” and a link next to it.
5. Click on this link. A window will pop up, showing your video feed.
6. Click on “Join hangout” in the pop-up window. You are now in!

Hangout Rules

  • Be polite. You’re with the QNet family, so treat everyone with respect.
  • Be patient. Google+ Hangouts allow up to 10 participants at a time. If you’re lucky to get in, great! If you’re waiting to get in, please keep trying.
  • Be considerate. Wait for your turn to ask a question, and once you get your answer, please exit the hangout to give others a chance to join.
  • Have fun, learn as much as you can, and share what you learn with others.
  • Remember, Malou speaks only English. We’ll have Hangouts in other languages later.