A few months ago, QNET had an exclusive interview with AVP David Sharma at the Bangkok office, one of the successful networkers. Let’s find out how his life has been changed with QNET.

 Could you share with us your journey with QNET?

I started this business when I was 50. Before joining, I experienced a very bad period in my life when my traditional business failed. I thought to myself about what I could do. Fortunately, I was introduced to the network marketing business.  To be honest, I was very skeptical at the beginning. I did not believe that it could really work. My sponsor was very persistent and kept on telling me about the business and inviting me to join a business presentation, to get a deeper insight into a business. About four or five months later, I had the opportunity to attend a business presentation which was presented by one of the top leaders. He is one of our most successful networkers. And today he is the Managing Director of The V – Mr Pathman Senathirajah. He changed my way of thinking. He helped me look at the positive side of this business. Since 2002, I have begun to do this business seriously. And within three years my networking business grew very fast. My dreams became true. I was able to get out of my financial mess. I achieved financial stability. I made a decision to take this business professionally, full time. Today I travel around the world to assist in training and to give my message to inspire new networkers to be able to achieve in this business.

In your point of view, what is network marketing?

I have been in this industry for almost nine years now. The network marketing industry is growing very fast. QNET is one of the leading players. Many times in my travels, people ask me why I got involved in this industry. My answer is very simple. This is the industry of the future, which is here today. It is an industry that keeps growing very fast. It’s the industry that allows anybody to get involved in the world of e-commerce. It is a business for anybody, no matter whether they are very young or retired. It is a business that requires little financial investment and time. However, it requires belief and effort. It is the industry that can generate a good source of income in many countries around the world. This business allows people to get involved and create a supplementary income to add to your principle or primary source of income. After doing this for a few years, you may start to realise that your secondary source of income is becoming larger and may decide to do the business full time. Today, QNET, our 13-year-old company, is in over hundred countries around the world. It has dramatically grown into a very successful company. With the support of our training and business tools, it helps people like me to become much more successful. In the near future, we are going to introduce an enhanced Compensation Plan which provides our Independent Representatives unlimited opportunities through life-enhancing consumable products. These retail products will help you earn more income on a regular basis. Once the consumers like the products, they will come back to buy them again and again.

David Sharma still has much more interesting stories to share with us. Find out soon!

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