As an environmentally-responsible company, QVI Club continually looks at ways to reduce our impact on the earth’s resources. One very effective way is to minimise our use of paper, reducing waste as well as our carbon footprint. Printing and shipping of materials such as brochures, catalogues, directories and flyers cause a tremendous strain on our natural resources. With this in mind we have decided to discontinue sending paper copies of our Resort Directory and QVI Club Members’ Brochure to our new members, effective from 00:00  hrs on 29 March 2012 (HKST). Instead, these materials will be made available as eBooks on the QVI Club website.

Our new members will continue to receive physical welcome letters and their membership cards from us in the post. In the letter, we will include the URL links to these online publications. The full membership kit, comprising the Resort Directory and Members’ Brochure, will still be available for purchase through your eStore. Shipping charges will have to be borne by the purchaser, but rest assured that the shipping fee will be at a discounted rate, as we have come to an agreement with our courier to continue ensuring a smooth delivery of necessary packages anywhere around the world. QVI Members will also have the option to make walk-in purchases directly from the QNET offices where these materials are available.

We hope that all members will appreciate this step towards a greener environment and embrace the benefits of not only preserving the world’s forests and reducing our carbon footprint, but also reducing the amount of waste material and chemicals from printing processes that contaminate the earth.

Let’s Save the Earth, so we can continue to Explore Our World!