Who do you hang out with? Your family members? Your business partners? Your best friends? And what do you do when you hang out? Have a good time? Share knowledge, encourage and learn from one another? You can do just that with us! Distance is never a limit. Although all of us might be half a world away, with just a few clicks away, you can put a face on the names you always see online, in the comfort of your own home; hang out with us as if we are all one big and warm living room. Furthermore, there’s no better time to get ready for the new era and learn from our very best.QInfinite Google+ Hangout

That’s how we want our learning experiences to be. Fun, easy, and above all, fruitful.

With all of that in mind, we hosted the first QInfinite Google+ hangout, and it turned out fantastic! IRs from various countries had loads of fun hanging out with QNET’s Chief of Network Services Malou Caluza, the best person you can learn anything about QInfinite from. 19 enthusiastic participants from various countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Australia gathered very good questions which had been floating around their group and got them all clarified. You can do the same too!

Here are some highlights of the questions asked during the hangout:

Q: Do I have to buy a product every quarter? What is the meaning of 60 BV requirement?
A: No. However, the more products you buy, the more you will increase your potential of earning recurring income. You need to sell or buy a product with a minimum of 60 BV from the Repeat eStore to achieve active status. The 60 BV is your maintenance requirement per quarter, if you wish to benefit from your direct referrals’ purchases from the Repeat estore. The product price with 60 BV starts from around USD90 and above or around USD30 per month.

Q: How many BV does a new signup need to qualify?
A: The minimum qualifying BV for every tracking center is 500 BV

Q: What are my advantages if I join the existing QNET compensation plan before the QInfinite launch on April 14?
A: An existing IR whose rank is Qualified, Activated, Senior, Executive and Presidential before the launch of QInfinite will be automatically promoted over to the Gold Star Rank in the enhanced QInfinite Plan. Existing Registered IRs will be promoted over to the Bronze Star rank.

Got questions too? Take note of all the questions that you have and get them answered. Join us next time for more fruitful hangout sessions. Don’t worry about having nothing to ask, there is so much to learn from others’ questions. Let’s all prepare ourselves and learn everything we need to know about QInfinite. Stay tuned to this space for our next Google+ Hangout schedule.