SMC University certifies the quality and standard of Swiss eLearning Institute Courses by QNET.

Updated 19 August 2014: New SMC University validation certificate uploaded.

This certificate from SMC University certifies the quality and standard of QNET’s Swiss eLearning Institute courses. QNET has been providing inspirational online courses under the Swiss eLearning Institute banner since 2011.

We are so happy that so many QNET networkers have taken this amazing opportunity to improve their knowledge and education. Build a stronger foundation for your career with our tailor made courses created in partnership with SMC University (Swiss Management Center), one of the best online universities in Europe!

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With the added convenience of bringing the class room to you, whether that be at home, at a café or on the go; this is the kind of education we all dream to have. And now you can make those dreams come true!

Feel free to use this certificate and show it to prospects as evidence of the expertise that is behind each of our exclusive online courses.

DOWNLOAD: High quality certificate from PDF attachment page.