While our IRs around the world enthusiastically anticipate the arrival of QInfinite, the enhanced Compensation Plan, we at QNET continue to ensure that our beloved IRs do indeed get more out of life. Along with that great news, last week we excitedly revealed the new Amezcua E-Guard to our product line. But that’s not the only surprise! Great news for all you keen learners! A brand-new course from the Swiss eLearning Institute is making its grand debut to you very soon!

Today, more than a billion people worldwide speak English, meaning one seventh of the world’s population speak a common language. A billion people make a billion business opportunities. For this very reason language skills, specifically in English – the internationally recongnised business language- are of vital importance. Especially for business professionals like networkers, having the ability to clearly express and articulate business ideas and information is of essence.Business English

Using incorrect or inappropriate language – bad grammar, wrong or misused idioms, and mispronunciations – will unavoidably result in detrimental misunderstandings, frustrations, or even worst, missed business opportunities.

Worry no more! The Swiss eLearning Institute brings you its revolutionary Business English course, arriving in your eStore soon! Designed to help intensely guide you through three professionally planned course sections; we promise this Business English course will be more than just your average language class!

Get ahead and stay on top of your business with the Swiss eLearning Business English course, coming to your eStore soon! Stay tuned! Visit www.swisselearninginstitute.com for more information.